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the Ministries

The vision of the parish is carried out and implemented thru the various ministries with its own corresponding mission. The major program of the parish is centered in these ministries, namely: Ministry of the Word, Music Ministry, Formation Ministry, Finance Ministry, and Ushers Ministry. These ministries do the planning of activities to be implemented by each kawan.

Ministry of the Word


Music Ministry


Spiritual Formation Ministry

The Spiritual Formation Ministry commits itself to educate the parishioners on the meaning and importance of the sacraments and to live out the word of God.

It engages in the following activities like Catechesis on the creed, liturgy and sacraments, morality, and prayer leading to the worthy reception of the sacraments, bible study, and the regular bibliarazal in the areas.

Its major departments are the following:

  1. Parish Ministry for Children
  2. Adult Catechesis


Family and Life Ministry

The Family and Life Ministries is committed to deepen the faith of all families in the parish, strengthen their commitment to family and life (vs. anti-life policies), and guide toward social consciousness and development.

Among its important activities are: Christian life programs, family encounters, marriage encounter, pre-cana or encounter weekend, natural family planning, organizing the BECs as community of Christian families, and spearheading campaigns that promote family and life.

Thus, the following are some of the major departments of the Family and Life Ministries:

  1. Pre-cana – orientation on the sacrament of Marriage, family life, encounter weekends, and coordinating weddings;

  2. Family Spirituality and Growth Groups – conducting regular prayer sessions for families (integration with BEC); topical discussions regarding family spirituality; undergoing the various stages of family life; celebration of silver, golden and diamond anniversaries;

  3. Marital and Family Counseling – on-going counseling sessions, linkages with DSWD and Bantay Bata; handling special cases affecting families;

  4. Responsible Parenthood and Natural Family Planning – on-going education, services, and doing advocacy work;

  5. Ministry to the Elderly – conducts house visitations to the elderly; orienting the young to take care of their parents; reception of the eucharist

  6. Bereavement Ministry – prayer services, counseling family members


Social Service and Development Ministry

The Social Services and Development Ministry aims to spearhead activities that will enhance the formation of a social consciousness and active participation that will transform the community toward development.

It engages in survey and survey analysis and recommends moves to counteract the problems in the community through community organizing, training, and mobilization of its members.  Among its concrete goals are job opportunities, lower prices of commodities, and increased social services.

It has the following departments:

  1. Research and training
  2. Community organizing
      • Skills training and productivity
      • Directory of job opportunities
      •  Labor laws and rights


      • Seminars on preventive health (herbal, reflexology, drug rehabilitation, etc.)
      • NAMFREL and PPCRV
      • Legal desk
      •  Setting up of increased security in the area through linkages


      • Community organizing against social issues (drugs, crimes, vices, etc.)
      • Positive social values education
      • Advocacy work in any social issue


      •  Setup of consumer / credit cooperative
      • Finance counseling
      • Insurances, death, burol, etc.


Youth Ministry

The Youth Ministry is committed to guide its fellow youth toward a renewed spirituality, deepen their social consciousness and Christian participation.

It engages in various renewal programs for the youth, regular prayer meetings, discussion of social and moral issues affecting youth, and skills training and productivity.

Among its important departments are the following:

  1. Young people’s ministries – for young people who recently took confirmation till high school levels.  They organize young people’s circles, peer counseling and special topics, interpersonal relationships, parent-children relationships, sports development, and career counseling.
  2. College Ministry – provides skills training for out-of-school youth; peer counseling, youth productivity, and vocation seminars.
  3. Young adult Ministries -  provides help for job opportunities, orients to marital and family life as well as priestly and religious life; leadership training, advocacy and values, and assisting other youth ministries.

Finance Ministry

inance Ministry aims to educate the parishioners on the true meaning of the sharing of time, talent, and treasure leading to active participation and involvement.

It engages in the following activities: education to increase social awareness on generosity, providing a system of transparency leading to increased productivity of parish finances, and activity Christian commitment through tithing and proper use of resources.

Finance Ministry handles the Kaakbay Tithing Project and the Construction Fundraising project.

Ushers Ministry


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