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church construction project

Alleviation of poverty is a primary concern of all people in the community. The people need a reason to hope for, job opportunities, food on the table, medical insurances or health care, and education for their children above anything else.

The Parish of Our Lady of the Poor desires to address this daunting problem. It has created Social Services and Development Ministry and a Cooperative counteract this problem of poverty by giving people with enough opportunities to make their lives productive.

The Parish although very active in its campaign to help alleviate poverty, is poor in itself. Our Chapel, created since 1984, has become dilapidated and unable to respond to the growing needs of the parish. This Church, which is a source of hope for many, needs refurbishing itself. We need a new Church where people would feel that God is present to them and by which they can easily turn to God for help.

You can help make these dreams come true.

Through your generous donation, you can promote God's call to "love one another as I have loved you." You can open God's world for our less fortunate brethen, promote devotion to the Blessed Mother as Lady of the Poor, and actually assist in the alleviation of poverty, making God's presence more felt or experienced.

You can be a partner in this cause of supporting the poor as well as provide them with a decent but elegant church that is truly considered a Church of the Poor and a Wellspring of Life for the devotees of the Blessed Mother.

The Our Lady of the Poor Foundation will make a difference.

Your financial and moral support will speed up the community programs of the parish toward self-reliance. Every generous contribution will help people realize that God is not just out there but a God who is totally alive and working to free His people. The foundation will promote the cause of our Lady of the Poor, who in her apparition to Marriet Beco in Banneux, Belgium, said, “I came to alleviate suffering” and “I would like a little chapel.”

Structures / Facilities of the Church

The fundraising scheme covers the following services:

  • A permanent Church reflecting the Charism of our Lady of the Poor, where people can easily find consolation and inspiration in God in the midst of the different trials confronting their lives;
  • Medical and dental as well as various social services and development projects;
  • Affordable yet elegant ossuary for CDE families
  • Pastoral programs affecting children, youth, and parents
  • Livelihood programs for adults and youth
  • Alternative education for young people
  • Cooperative and souvenir shops
  • Multipurpose hall for seminars, tiangge , and special events
  • Seminar rooms for trainings and ministry offices

The entire construction will cost approximately PHP 70 million or roughly $1.3 M US.

Thank you for rendering your prayers and support to promote the cause of our Lady to “alleviate suffering” and be “the wellspring of life.”


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